Connected Home Roadmap 

“The connected home segment is a dynamic and rapidly changing marketplace. Leviton joined CABA’s Connected Home Roadmap research to gain actionable insight of consumer views and use cases. In addition, the industry landscape of delivery, support and connectivity is evolving as new technologies enter the consumer space. We encourage all CABA members to join the project and utilize Harbor Research expertise to craft roadmaps and landscapes for the connected home.”
- Jay McLellan, Vice President, Energy Managament, Controls and Automation, Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Leveraging previous research from CABA’s “Monetization of the Connected Home” and CABA’s “Connected Home IoT Energy Roadmap”, this study intends to provide a comprehensive roadmap of all aspects of the connected home including the Internet of Things.  This digital technology roadmap will be a tool industry stakeholders can use to identify and address technology challenges that are critical to their future.  Some of the topics that will be covered include: comfort, lighting, security, health and wellness, entertainment, mobility, transportation and convergence.

The connected home sector is a quickly evolving and therefore it is critical to routinely look at new ecosystem and cross ecosystem opportunities.  This new research will address the many challenges and opportunities that exist as connected homes move into the mainstream.  It will utilize both qualitative (in-depth interviews) and quantitative (consumer or industry questionnaires) methods to provide actionable data relevant to: the state of the market, key industry players business opportunities, technical barriers and opportunities, future market direction, issues, use-cases and industry recommendations.  

Topics that are expected to be covered in this research include: 
• Voice recognition and smart speakers 
• Cloud technologies and artificial intelligence 
• Ecosystem interactions and convergence of technologies 
• Data management, analytics and ownership 
• Business analysis and value propositions 
• Lighting
• In-depth use-case analysis and case studies 
• Impact on home comfort, energy and indoor air quality 
• Role in home entertainment, including smart televisions 
• Barriers towards adoption (standards and protocols etc.) 
• Defining the business case 
• Education and training for dealers and distributors 
• Cybersecurity and privacy
• Virtual Agents 
• Physical security, including biometrics 
• Ethical and legal Implications 
• Demographics of adopters 
• Consumer expectations identified by demographics 
• Size and state of the market 
• Future direction and market forecast
• Insurance company partnerships 
• Health and wellness opportunities



Research Prospectus



Access to full, completed research is only available to participating funding organizations.

Bronze Funder ($5K):
• Name and logo will be placed on the front page of the research report, slide deck, media releases, and marketing material.  
• Opportunity to participate in the final webinar with all the funders which will highlight the findings of the research in detail.   
• Ability to ask the questions to the research analysts.
• Final report, executive summary and presentations. 
Silver Funder ($10K) – Most Common Level: 
• All benefits of the Bronze Funder. 
• Will be on the Steering Committee and allowed to: define the research scope and methodology, provide feedback and input regarding the direction of the study, and participate in Steering Committee webinars.  
• Will have a special one (1) hour webinar specifically for your organization.  Anyone from your organization can attend and receive a detailed overview of the research findings that relate to your organization.   
• Will receive bonus research reports that the vendor may provide.   
Gold Funder ($15K): 
• All benefits of the Silver Funder.  
• Will receive a case study within the research to highlight the work your organization has been doing in the area.  Case studies are typically supplied by the funder, but in some instances research firms have developed case studies on the funder’s behalf. 
• The case study will be included with the executive summary, which will be distributed to all CABA member contacts.

We recently announced this CABA Landmark Research project and already these CABA members have committed to fund the study:


For more information on sponsorship opportunities or other CABA research, please contact Greg Walker, CABA Research Director.

Greg Walker
CABA Research Director
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